© 2008 VŠMU, 16:9, color, 7 min.

bachelor film
The film is about a prisoner, Alfonz, and a small fly. As the the story progresses, you can see a change in the situation – the brain winning over strength, strength winning over the brain. They find the same path, when they unite their forces and find a common enemy. In the end both achieve what they wanted.

producer:FTF VŠMU
screenplay: Katarína Uhrová, Peter Budinský
sound: Marek Bartovič
music: Martin Burlas
cast (alfonz): Dalibor Kocián
animation: Peter Budinský
editing: Peter Budinský
camera: Peter Budinský
director: Peter Budinský

-best animation film Next Reel, Singapore 2010

-6th CEI Award in Trieste Festival Maremetraggio,Trieste,
Italy, 2009 (competition)
-Festival DONU MENTA, Regensburg, Germany, 2009
(Screening of Slovak Films)
-5th Warsaw International Film Festival (WFF), Warsaw,
Poland, 2009
-7th International Festival of Short Films
and New Images ARCIPELAGO, Roma, Italy, 2009
-European FilmFestival Luxembourg, 2009
-16th International Film and TV School´s Festival
"MEDIASCHOOL 2007“, Lodz, Poland, 2009
-International Animatd Film Festival "TOFUZI“,
Batumi- Tbilisi, Georgia 2009
-Festival DONU MENTA, Regensburg, Germany, 2009
-A.R.E.S. Short Film Festival, Syracuse, Sicily, 2009
-Festival of Slovak films, Cran-Gevrier, France, 2009
-Anilogue 2009, Budapest, Hungary, 2009