© 2009 RITS / VŠMU, 16:9, color, 4 min.

The film points out how very differently people react to troubles. When they aren´t fully involved, they act in a different way than when the problem becomes a part of their life. The film is in a way a metaphor for human alibism.

producer: RITS Brussels / VŠMU Bratislava
screenplay: Peter Budinský
sound: Anouck Gauvain
music: Kuo Hua Chen
supervisor: Frits Standaert
animation: Peter Budinský
editing: Peter Budinský
camera: Peter Budinský
director: Peter Budinský

- Special Mention of the Jury, VGIK International Student Festival, Moscow, Russia, 2010
- Prix du Jury - Cinepsi Festival International Cinéastes et Spiritualité , Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, 2010

- 9th International Student and Video Festival of Beijing Film Academy, 2010
- Art Film Fest, Trencianske Teplice, 2010
- International Student Film Festival Beirut, 2010
- VGIK Festival, Moscow, Russia, 2010
- Mediafest, Žilina, Slovensko, 2010
- 11th edition of the International Film Schools Short Films Festival, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2010